Adding Textures to Wet Felting

Escaping Blooms

I have started teaching LIVE mini workshops on Facebook and my next one is Tuesday February 23rd at 10am (See bottom of page for links to these videos). I am going to be talking about how to add in extras to wet felting. It’s usually a topic I’m only able to touch on in my usual felting workshop. I love adding textures to my artworks and I think it’s such a nice way to add interest to any wet felting project.


Extras for me are anything that are not the carded wool roving that I use to layer up my project. My favourite extras to use for texture are silk threads, dyed wool curls, silk ribbon, tapestry wool, pre-felt, silk rod and skeleton leaves. 

Tartan of Flowers

These extras create texture because they felt in differently than the wool roving fibres. Some of them stick to the wool, some sit on top of it and some make the wool shine or sparkle in the light. The Live will be able to be replayed here once it is aired on my facebook page.  I will talk about my favourite extras and show you how to use them. 

The Odd Bird Tree II

How to add textures to your wet felting projects 1

How to add textures to your wet felting projects 2

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