In the past 10 years I have collaborated and worked on a multitude of interesting and unique projects with many people. I love sharing ideas and skills with other people. Felting is a technique that can be done by people of all ages and abilities and so it lends well to community art projects.

Ella Jenkins

My most recent collaborations as of Summer 2020 is with Ella Jenkins who is a bespoke upholsterer. I met Ella through my friendship with Shalini and Ella joined us last year for our ESC Artist’s June market where I saw her beautiful pieces in person. Late last year I decided to upload some of my designs and have them printed on a variety of fabric. Ella and I decided I would have some pieces printed onto shimmer velvet that she could use to cover some vintage stools. So these are our first pieces but I’m sure there will be many more!

Shalini Austin

Shalini and I have been working together in many different contexts since 2010 when I joined the Stamford Artisans Guild. Eventually we decided to go towards a more artistic direction and that’s when ESC Artists was born. Over the years we have collaborated on many art pieces too including a full size flamingo, peacock and a small dodo. She has created many beaks and feet for my wacky needle felted creations. To see more of what we have done click here.

Charron Pugsley-Hill

Charron and I have collaborated on many projects over the last 5 years with the Sky of Poppies in Queensgate Peterborough being our largest installation together. Read more about our collaborations here.

Pirjo Holta

Last year I started collaborating with Pirjo, an amazing knitter who owns With Love From Lincolnshire. She created these delightful mini sweaters for sale at Christmas and I just had to buy lots of them for my poseable animals! Since then she has made some mini dresses too for them!

Amanda Blake

I met with Amanda earlier in 2020 to discuss some sewing ideas I had using the my printed fabric designs. As a professional seamstress she was full of enthusiasm for this collaboration. I decided to get oil cloth and denim printed with some of my designs and then Amanda stitched them into beautifully lined pouches with zips.