How long does that take you?

That is a question I get asked a lot and it is impossible to answer. I spend a lot of time taking photos of what I see like the way the light hits something, different colours next to each other, textures and shapes of things. Each week I take about 1000 photos! One or two of those will be a seed and will begin to form an idea in my head. Now usually this takes months, of this seed growing.

While the idea is growing in my head, I am gathering supplies to achieve the look that I want. thinking about how I can make it look that way, and so that it evokes that feeling I had when I took those photos.

While this seed is growing, I’m still taking 1000 photos each week and there may be 4 or 10 seeds growing at the same time (although during lockdown I’d say that number has been 2-3). I have never been able to sit and copy a photo, I prefer to take different ideas from lots of them and mash them all together.

Then I book a day in my schedule when I don’t have to do anything other that create (it’s not always that simple… I can’t plan creativity). So if I can start building the layers, I do. If I am not feeling it that day, I’ll make a mini art piece and play around with texture ideas.


Starting to lay down fibres for my Pushing Through piece

Once the piece starts being made, layering up the colours and textures, I kinda get in the zone and then the whole day is spent getting all those ideas out. I wet felt it and needle felt it a bit and then once I’m happy with the background I leave it to dry.

Needle Felting the details on to Pushing Through

Over the next month or so I add lots of needle felted details to it… sometimes this is just 3 hours to add a hare…but usually it’s over the course of the month, me adding and taking away until I am happy with the way it looks.

So how long does it take? Years of playing and experimenting with every so often an artwork being created. 


Pushing Through complete

I have taken photos of reflections in puddles and ponds for the past 15+ years. My final university photography project was reflections of Boston, Ma in puddles. I have tens of thousands of photos of reflections. The piece above, Pushing Through, was the first felted piece I made exploring reflections. I’m sure there will be many more…

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