The Odd Bird Tree II Original Artwork for collection


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The Odd Bird Tree II original artwork is stitched onto mount board and the natural wooden frame measures 97 x 59 x 5 cm. How many birds can you see?  An eye-spy with lots of colourful birds all meeting at one tree.

I love needle felting birds! I think the textures and shape of their feathers lend well to needle felting. I love to see how much detail I can get with my needle when creating birds and each one takes a couple of hours to add. Once I decided to add the flamingo it all went a bit odd from then. Birds popping out from all over this large tree including a macaw, pelican, pigeon, crow, owl and more!

This listing is for collection but if you would like it to be posted without the frame or with acrylic instead of glass in the frame then please get in touch and I can work out the postage costs. 


A2 prints are available of this piece. Your piece will not include the watermark.

To see the first Odd Bird Tree click here

Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 82 × 112 × 10 cm


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