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Midnight Visitors Sold


This extraordinary felted original sold almost as soon as it was framed in February 2020. I have since designed so many lovely pieces of merchandise using the Midnight Visitors image. Here’s the story of how it was made. 


shalini austin copper moonsI asked my friend, Shalini Austin to make me some copper moons to add to my felt work. I wanted to make some night time pieces and although a felted moon works, I wanted some that added a different texture. She created me a couple copper and solder moons and a couple copper and enamel moons. The next step was to make a night sky.  


I used some lovely deep purples, navy blue and fuchsia merino wool for the sky.  Then I added some shiny silk fibres that would shine from behind the copper moon. 

After wet felting it half way, I added more details to the background including needle felting some stars, a small woodland and added some more curls to the meadow.  Then I wet felted it again to make it firmer and strong.

I then laid the moon on top and started needle felting some creatures on. I knew I wanted to add a hare and an owl. The fox idea came later, but he’s my best needle felted fox to date. He took about 6 hours to add and he had a lovely 3D quality to him. 



Once I had completed it, I took it directly to the printers so he could photograph it. Next it went to the framers and he built a lovely custom box wooden frame. I had it on my wall for 2 days and then it was sold. I think it sold so quickly because of the copper moon and the beautiful fox. 

In the past year I have designed some beautiful pieces using the image including cushions, scarf, coasters, pendants, glass worktop saver and more! In my online shop there is also giclée prints and cards with Midnight Visitors printed on it. 








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