The Walled Garden, Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens

This is my first time doing plein air felting. I sat in the walled garden amongst the flowers and added everyone I saw into this piece. 

My friend Charron and I visited Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens for the first time in early summer. She had seen the foxgloves on the news and decided we had to go! The gardens were alive with colour! Beautiful foxgloves and poppies growing…a delicate fairy walk through the woodland and a lovely cafe too.

We met a couple of the gardeners and asked if we could come back and create art one day in the Walled Garden. We took lots of photos. I decided I would make my base before heading over again. The gardens have a large old greenhouse in the middle and I decided to use that as my point to start.

I took the background piece with my in July and I started adding flowers. It took 2 full days there to add all the different ones that I saw. I didn’t work on this piece at home at all and only added to it while I was sat in the garden.  I loved the circular lawn and the trees beyond the wall. I mixed each colour while I was sitting there so that I could create the exact flowers in front of me. 

Once I had finished the piece, I had it professionally photographed. The original is available in my shop now, as well as the giclée print and cards. Where do you think I should do some plein air felting next?  


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