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Art Bras Saturday May 18th at Stamford Arts Centre

I have been a member of Stamford Artisans Guild for about three years now. When I moved to England I googled in search of art guilds and groups in the area and the Stamford Group came up. I applied for a stall and everyone was so welcoming the first show I did, it was a great experience. Since then I have participated in almost all the shows in both Stamford and Oakham and have become part of the Committee. Last year I was in charge of the shows which was brilliant for my self-esteem and taught me a lot about business. This year I am in charge of Demonstrations and Exhibitions both of which are new this year to our shows.

As artisans we wanted to show off our talents and create unique pieces to go on display. I decided that this theme would be making Art Bras after I had done a similar successful project when I lived in Downers Grove, IL (outside of Chicago). When I discussed this idea at our meeting many members were excited about creating these Art Bras. During the meeting I saw a couple of our members even sketching their ideas. Many of our guild members will be showcasing their talents by creating an Art Bra in their own medium. There will be wood bras, cake bras, textiles, beaded and wire bras, glass bras, knitted bras and more. It will be an amazing showcase of talent. A lot of the bras have stories behind them and represent the fight that some of our Artisans family and friends have gone through. After the exhibition some of the bras will be sold on our guild website with the profits going to Cancer Research UK. So be sure to check out We are also planning on showcasing the bras at our next show at Oakham Castle on the 8th of June.

I have been sketching ideas for the bra that I am creating and now it is in the final stages. I have only seen the effects of cancer from afar and haven’t seen anyone’s struggle closely in my life yet. It’s interesting that I say “yet” though because it seems that Cancer is becoming a disease that affects so many people that everyone is due to see people being affected by in their lifetime. I am creating a bra that depicts the bravery and courage that I believe any cancer sufferer has to have to battle a such a strong disease. My piece is made from a lot of local Shetland and Alpaca wool. It has been needle and wet felted using many different techniques.

Luckily we won’t need to have live models for our Art Bras because some of they may be a bit uncomfortable to wear. Each Artisan has come up with a unique way to display their bras. The pieces will be displayed on the stage at the Arts Centre with the information about the charity and the stories of the Art Bras. Please come and see the amazing talent right on your doorstep this Saturday.

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