Rainbow Original Artwork


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Rainbow Original Artwork is a quirky colourful piece featuring a lot of tiny birds perched on branches with a rainbow sky in the background.

I created the rainbow in May 2020 when I was teaching a live workshop. During open studios in July 2021 I started needle felting details onto it like the 4 trees with curly green leaves and pink hearts in them. The copper raindrops came next cut from scraps of copper and needle felted into place. Flowers made from different coloured yarns were felted along the bottom of the picture and then the birds added to most of the branches. The birds remind me of a piece I created in 2016 with colourful birds on it.

The felted art piece is 30 x 34 cm and it is stitched onto a piece of mount board that is 38 x 45 cm. It is signed in pencil by me and the watermark will not show.

This piece is one of a kind and will not have prints or cards made from it.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 42 × 50 × 4 cm


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