Texture Pack Rainbow



Texture Pack Rainbow includes a small variety of extra bits for wet felting.

Each pack will include

White Wool nepps 10%

Sari Silk Threads Green/Multi coloured 20%

Silk Ribbon & Tapestry Wool (Mix of Colours) 30%

Dyed Wool Curls (Mix of Colours) 30%

Silk Threads (Mix of Colours)  10%

A couple skeleton leaves

Each pack will be slightly different and may not look like the photo on this listing. I usually run in-person workshops where I set out a large table with lots of extras on for people to use in their creations. Unfortunately due to lockdown, I can’t run those types of workshops. I’ve decided to start some Facebook and Instagram Lives and do some free mini workshops. These texture packs will a great addition to these workshops or to your wet felting projects. Facebook feed: Eve Marshall: Artisan Felter & Instagram feed: Evefaffs

White wool nepps are a lovely texture to make cow parsley, sky texture and the centre of flowers.  Silk sari threads add shiny lines to your piece, I tend to use them for adding in vertical lines for stems or horizontal lines for flowers in the distance. Tapestry wool in various colours wet felts in easily but still stays detailed. Colourful dyed wool curls make lovely large conical flowers or stems in the background.

Please choose what size bag you would like, they are available in 30g, 60g or 100g packs.

Here are examples of the textures in my felted artwork:

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100g, 30g, 60g


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