Sitting by the Pond Original Artwork


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Sitting by the Pond Original Artwork

This Original Felted Artwork features a small pond, brick wall and many plants growing up and around it. It is a medium wet & needle felted art piece inspired by a pond I sat by in North Lincolnshire on a sketching day in 2022. While all the other artists were sketching the gardens, I sat by the pond and felted this piece. It is full of textures like silk fabric pebbles and wool nepps (for pond algae).

Garden ponds are one of my favourite places to photograph. I love all the plants that grow in them and out of them. The tall stems still reach towards the sun but their roots dance around the bottom.

The piece is wet and needle felted using a variety of materials including silk, merino wool, and shetland wool.

It is unframed and is stitched on to a piece of mountboard that is 44 x 54 cm.

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