Octopus Wet Felting Tool


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This lovely little plastic Octopus Wet Felting Tool is such a great helper during the wet felting process! I have used one for the past 10 years and it has saved my fingers and hands from cramping during the agitation stage.

Once I have laid out my wool on top of a layer of bubble wrap (bubbles up), wetted it with soap and hot water, laid another piece of bubble wrap on top (bubbles down), add a little sprinkle of soap and water on top of the bubble wrap and rub this octopus tool all over it. You don’t need to use too much pressure, I find rubbing the octopus all over it for 5 mins on each side starts the felting process. It means the top later of it is stuck together and I can manipulate it much easier from then.

I have been using this tool in my workshops for over 10 years and lots of people find them easier than just using their hands. Each octopus is a different colour and yours may be blue, green, yellow, pink or red.

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