Midnight River Original Artwork


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Midnight River Original Artwork

A dragon flies through the night sky in this unique felted sculptural art piece. Below a stream runs through with a pebbly shore and forest nearby.

The circular landscape is a collage of many wet felted pieces of artwork that I stitched together and then needle felted onto. There are 3D felted pebbles, wool curls and silk fibres added into the piece. I needle felted the dragon on top of the moon so you can just make out the silhouette of him flying through the night sky.

I created this piece for an exhibition called “Imagine” earlier this year. I don’t make many mythical beasts so this is definitely one of a kind.

The circle is approximately 40 cm in diameter and about 4 cm thick in places. I have stitched it onto a piece of mount board so that it can be framed easily.

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