Midnight Owl Felted Picture: Private Workshop for you and your friends



Midnight Owl Felted Picture: Private Workshop for you and your friends

You book the venue, you invite your friends, I come along with all the supplies and teach you how to make a beautiful felted picture.

Workshop is for 1-5 students. Workshops are usually 10:30am-3:30pm with a 40 min break in the middle of the day for lunch. We can do whichever hours you’d like to do. It can be in the morning/afternoon/evening. It takes about 3.5-4 hours to complete this artwork.

The workshop begins by you choosing colours for your night sky, each student may choose from a huge variety of blues, pinks, purple and black Merino wool.  I show you how to lay the colours and create a blend for the sky. Then I pass out a variety of extra textures like silks and sparkles to add to your sky plus more little bits of colours. The morning focuses on laying out the colours for the background of the picture. Before lunch we wet felt the background using hot soapy water, agitation, rolling and a bit of throwing. This process takes about 20 minutes and is quite physical. Once the fibres have felted together and the piece has shrunk, we lay them to dry and break for lunch.

In the afternoon you choose an owl photo from my collection that you’d like to add to your felted background. I show you how to use the felting needles safely and then I teach you how to build up the layers of wool to create a realistic owl. This process is slow and allows you time to learn how to measure and angle the lines of the owls body properly.

Each students work will be completely unique with all the colours and specific owl they chose. The finished piece will be approximately 45 cm square.

I will bring most of the materials with me. Please bring an apron to protect your clothes from the soapy water, rubber gloves (for touching hot water) and small hand towel.

Each student will need approximately 50 x 70 cm of table space. I will need access to a nearby sink with hot water or a plug socket for my kettle.

Possible allergies: We will be using 100% wool and fairy liquid soap. If you are allergic to wool then this is not the class for you. If you are allergic to fairy liquid, I can use Ecover instead if you let me know.

A small mileage fee may need to be added if the workshop is held more than 20 miles from my home NG34 0HQ. I am unable to teach workshops more than 70 miles from my home. Happy to discuss a few back to back workshop days with places further away so that I can stay over.

You may choose to buy this product and then I can contact you about a date. You do not need to pay in full upfront. Once a date has been agreed upon I ask for a 50% deposit.

Or you can contact me first and then buy this product.

Please note that weekend dates get booked up quickly.


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