Funky Flamingo Felted & Upholstered Stool



Funky Flamingo Felted & Upholstered Stool is 16 inches high by 16 inches wide by 16 inches deep.

Earlier this year I began collaborating with Ella Jenkins, a local artisan upholsterer. During lockdown I have been designing velvet fabric printed with my artwork and delivering the fabric pieces to Ella. All of those stools have now sold so we thought we’d try a stool with one of my originals. I created the flamingo last year when I was teaching a felted Animal Portrait Workshop. I gave him to Ella plus a wooden stool that I had found online. She paired it with the teal linen which she upholstered on top with some added foam for comfort and painted the legs of the stool pink.

When you click on the link above you will go to Ella’s Etsy shop.



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