Fishes Cycle Original Artwork



Fishes Cycle Original Artwork features a whirlpool like design with fish escaping the centre of it and coming across all sorts of marine beasts on their journey. It is 65 cm square and stitched onto a piece of mountboard. It has now been framed professionally in a light wood box frame. See last photo.

It is wet & needle felted using a mix of merino wool, silk, curls and lots more textures. I created it in 2021 springtime and it is a similar series of swirls that I have been making: Witching Hour Original Artwork

I really enjoyed adding the octopus to this piece, he is the most detailed octopus that I have made so far in my 14 year felting journey. Next came the whale and squid and then the school of fish escaping the middle. Orcas are one of my favourite whales from when I was about 6 so I had to add one in. I added the small sun and some sea gulls and a little puffin floating on the sea, unaware of what lurks below.

When I began this piece I was thinking of the vicious cycle which is a thought process where when you think of one bad thing, then start thinking of all the bad things you get stuck in this vicious cycle of thoughts. When I was describing what I was making to my partner, he said “The Fishes Cycle?” and the name stuck.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 4 cm


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