Colourful Wool Nepps 4 gram bag




Colourful Wool Nepps 4 gram bag are a lovely addition to a wet felted project. Nepps are tiny little hard balls of wool that can be used to create the look of tiny flowers in a meadow, pebbles on a beach, leaves on a tree, bubbles from a fish, etc. I use them a lot when I am wet felting because they create a different texture and they add interest to a piece by just adding a few. A 4 gram bag usually lasts me about 6 months of felting projects because I tend to use a pinch per felted piece.

Choose your colour pack:

  • Leafy Green: a mix of greens
  • Beach Pebble: greys and browns
  • Hyacinth Purple: purple with a couple of darker shades scattered in
  • Mix Purple & Dark Green: more of a fluffy feel with purple, dark green, grey and dark blue
  • Dark Embers: burgundy, red, teals, orange and olive green
  • Bubble Blue: various shades of blue
  • Starry Yellow: golden yellows and oranges
  • Apple Mix: yellows, pale greens, ochre, beige
  • Roses Mix: shades of pink
  • Mermaid Mix: aqua, turquoise green and yellow
  • Pond Green Mix: more of a fluffy feel with olive, brown, pale green
  • Dusty Pink: pale pink, pale purple and peach

Scroll through the pictures to find the ones you want.

These are hand dyed and may vary slightly from the photographs. Colours are so hard to see on different monitors and screens. These photographs were taken out in the sunshine to hopefully give you the true colours of them. The colours will not run during the wet felting process.

I find Nepps attach easiest during the wet felting process if you blend them with a little bit of wool first. Nepps are very hard to needle felt but can be used in embroidery projects too.  You can see videos of me using Nepps in my Facebook group: Artisan Felting.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 cm
Choose Nepps Colour

apple mix, beach pebble mix, bubble blue, dark embers, dusty pink, hyacinth purple, leafy green, mermaid mix, mix purple and dark green, pond green mix, roses mix, starry yellow


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