New floral pendants!

Very excited to share these new pendants that have arrived in my shop: Floral Pendants.

The first flowery one I ordered a couple of months ago has sold old in one of my stockists and was one of my most popular ones online. I decided to design some more and see how people react to them. 

The first new one is a Heart shaped Poppies design that features earthy tones in a meadow with Poppies and some cornflowers. Both sides feature excerpts from my original felted Poppy Picture: 

The second is similar to the first but instead of an oval it is a star shape. It features the design from my Tartan of Flowers original which sold earlier this year. The third features a hare either side which comes from my Summer Hare original artwork. 

The final newest floral pendant features butterflies from my Blooming Butterfly piece. I love how the detail of the butterflies stands out against the green textures of the grass and flowers.

I have made a video showcasing the newest pendants and you can watch it on Youtube here: New Floral Pendants

It also features my favourite new pendant “Share the Love” featuring my favourite owl and the animals all passing love around the moonlight woodland. 

I can’t wait to showcase a couple new pieces before Christmas! Happy Shopping! 🙂 


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