Private Felting Workshops

This page is a work in progress and more will be added throughout the month of February 2022. Please contact me for more information.

Needle Felting:

  • Needle Felting workshops are £60 an hour plus material cost per person
    • Extra costs may be added such as mileage and renting of space to teach
    • I will need at least 15 minutes to set up prior to the workshop and 15 minutes to pack up after the workshop and these are included in my hourly rate. 
  • Each person will need a chair at a table with approximately an A3 size of table space in front of them
  • Currently I am able to teach up to 20 people to needle felt in one group
    • Larger groups can be accommodated, please contact me for more information
    • I am happy to teach school age children in small groups (group size will depend on age and experience with needle crafts)
  • Each workshop can be booked as a stand alone class or combined for a full day of felting fun.