Welcome! My name is Eve Marshall and I am a full-time artisan felter and teacher.


I have been based in Aslackby in South Lincolnshire for the past 10 years. Previously I lived in the US for 23 years and although British born, I definitely don’t sound like I’m from ’round here. I began needle felting over 12 years ago and started teaching it when I moved back to the UK. I love working with wool because it is such a versatile medium. I create framed artworks, needle felted sculptures of animals, wet felted bowls and more using wool.

I teach regularly at Stamford Arts Centre, Riverside Beads in Market Deeping and private classes in my own home. I also often get invited to WIs, schools, craft groups and other art centres to teach. Wet Felting classes are great for everybody and I have taught people from 2 years old to 102 and everyone in between. People of all abilities can create with wool. I design my classes and my methods of felting so that they are accessible to everyone and so that people are proud of what they are bringing home.

I have been featured in a couple magazines, sold and taught at the Country Living Fair in London and spent sometime a couple of years ago selling my unique felting kits on TV. I enjoy creating artwork for exhibitions and I have been part of both solo and group exhibitions in both the UK and abroad. The art pieces I create always incorporate nature, animals and flowers. I am inspired daily by the Lincolnshire countryside and enjoy creating quirky unique pieces out of wool.  I love exploring texture and colour when I am creating a piece, usually adding 25+ layers to each piece to achieve depth and realism.

I really enjoy collaborating with other artists and 2 years ago I taught people to make poppies for an amazing WWI commemoration project on Edith Cavell and the Lonely Anzac with Charron Pugsely-Hill.  In 2016 we taught over 800 people in the Peterborough community to create over 1000 poppies for the Sky of Poppies Project that commemorated the Battle of the Somme. The poppies hung from the ceiling in Queensgate for 6 months and were seen by thousands who shopped there.

felted dodo

For my exhibition in March 2016 at Stamford Arts Centre I collaborated with Shalini Austin to create some unique birds including this wacky Dodo which she created the face and feet for. Shalini and I have created a lot of pieces together after discovering that copper and wool work so nicely with each other. We have since created a flamingo and peacock together as well.

I am one of the founders of ESC Artists and we annually curate exhibitions at Stamford Arts Centres including two pop-up shops and an exhibition. To escape the ordinary click here.