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Apr 11 2020


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM



Stamford: Family Felted Woodland Picture

Family fun for children of all ages and their family members/friends. Work in a team of 4 (at least 1 adult) to create one felted picture. Each member of the team will make pieces of felt using colourful wool and silks. The pieces will be cut and added to a background. Lots more colour is added and then as a team the piece is wet felting using warm water, soap and some agitation. Fun for the whole family!

This is the first family class that I am trialing with each group having their own table to work at in the Art Room. I have taught a long of children’s workshops and have found that the parents are also eager to take part.

The price is for a group of 4 creating one piece of art. The other 3 people don’t have to be related to you to come along. Please feel free to bring friends, family, co-workers, etc.

I recommend school age children and up but younger children can definitely play along but may not be able to follow all the directions. We will be using warm water and soap to make the pictures stick together, feel free to bring an apron if you think you need one.

This class takes place in the Art Room upstairs in Stamford Arts Centre.


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