Jul 31 2024


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Lincoln: Wet Felted Garden Bowl

Lincoln: Wet Felted Garden Bowl

31 July 1-4pm at Indigo Crow Gallery 57 Burton Road Lincoln

Create a beautiful wet felted garden bowl using a mix of Merino wool and silk fibres during this half day workshop.  You will learn the basics of laying wool fibres around a resist. We will be building up many layers of wool and other textures over a balloon.  We’ll begin by choosing the colours of wool and silks to add textures which will resemble flowers and stems on the outside of the bowl. Lots of layers of wool will be added before we start sticking it all together. The wet felting process is a mix of agitating the fibres with warm soapy water and a bit bouncing the balloon to full the fibres together. 

The bowl will be approximately 6-7 inches once felted. The vessel will be larger enough to hide your chocolate stash in… or put a glass jam jar into it and fill with flowers!

Once the piece is wet felted and mostly dry, we will then be choosing more colours and textures to add flowers and bees the the outside of the bowl. You will learn which felting needles to use and how to needle felt details onto the outside of your bowl.


  • Please bring a small towel with you to dry your hands during the felting process
  • We will be using wool fibres and fairy liquid, please bring gloves if you are intolerant to either

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