I have been back at school teaching this week and loving every minute of it! I am teaching 2 afterschool groups and 1 art class during the school day at 3 schools in Lincolnshire through CFBT. I am working with all different primary school age groups and this first week they all made the jelly roll beads. I’ve had 38 students this week and now there are 38 bags of wet wool beads hanging on the clothes horse in my mum’s conservatory smelling of wet sheep. They came out really well and it was lovely watching the children experience the magic of felting.

The photos show the beads that they made and them hanging in the conservatory. Next week we will be making the beads into keychains, necklaces, bracelets and learning to make some wet felted flowers.


Stamford Class: Wet Felted Vessels/Bowls/Bags

What an amazing class today. I had 7 lovely women join me for an all day workshop at the arts centre in Stamford. We spent the morning layering our bowls/bags with super colourful merino wool, silk and sparkle and then we began to felt it. Felting takes a long time.. lots of agitation…lots of soap…lots of hot water. After felting for more than two hours we had super clean hands! The finished pieces came out great and some people embellished them with beads, wire, and needle felted designs. Two of the women made theirs into bags and the rest made very decorative bowls. I am looking forward to the next class at the arts centre on the 18th of February 🙂

An example of some of my wet felted bowls