Joint Art Exhibition at the Carre Gallery in Sleaford this week!

I am in Sleaford for the week at the Carre Gallery selling my felt artwork and sharing the space with my friend Phil Janes, an acrylic artist. The exhibition has been a success so far and we have only been open a couple of days. The exhibition began on Monday and although it was pouring with rain and freezing people still managed to come see us in the day. The evening we had a little party with friends and family coming and some delicious canapes made by my mum Kate and friend Laura. I sold two of my pieces during the evening and so I was very happy.

We are at the gallery from the 24th till the 29th of September and the gallery is open from 10amm-4pm. Phil and I are taking it in turns to man the exhibition so be sure to come down a visit.
Here is a link to the Carre Gallery Blog:

Tree Hugger song by Kimya Dawson made into felt art by Eve Marshall

Gallery Show Coming Soon!

I will be exhibiting in a joint exhibition with my friend Phil at the end of the September, so be sure to stop by. There will be acrylic paintings and some guitars made from clocks and biscuit tins made by Phil. There will also be bowls, flowers, and art made from wool and felted by me. The exhibit will be open from Monday till Saturday.

Wet Felted Bag Class June 2012


I had a small group of ladies join me for a lovely day of wet felting. I taught them how to pre-felt and wet felt around a template. They each came up with such lovely bags! Also they came up with some future classes for me to hold including wet felted bowls, scarves, slippers and needle felted garden. Now I just need to find a few free weekends to hold the classes…

Oakham Craft Fair Weekend

As one of the events organizers for the Stamford Artisans Guild, this weekend was my moment to make sure everything was perfect and everyone was happy. Despite the awful rain people came in and bought and I think everyone made at least one sale. 🙂 I sold all my phone/glasses cases so I will be making some more for the next fair in a couple of weeks. Oakham Castle is a lovely venue as the building has lots of character. We had a really good mix of stalls there from jewellery makers (beaded, wedding, wire work, gemstones, silver), toy makers, crocheters, wood turners, card makers, glass artists, painters, pancake makers, cake makers and more! 🙂

I bought these two lovely piggies from Madmoocrafts. It was their first time selling at one of our fairs and they had such adorable upcycled toys. I bought the pigs for two friends I have with babies 🙂 although I would love to keep them for myself 🙂

sock pigs

Spring has sprung!

Well after being extremely busy during the months leading up to the Country Living Fair and then completely exhausted after it, I haven’t had time to play for awhile. Last Thursday I started playing with wet felting and tried making a scarf. Today I decided to try and make a large bag. I have made lots of little bags before but I haven’t tried one this big before. I am very happy with the outcome. It is wet felted using a dark navy blue inside, grey middle and then green and blue to look like the sky and grass on the outside. After I felted it I sewed a couple of my flowers to it plus a needle felted bee, ladybird and a couple toadstools. I have also done a bit of needle felting on it. It is not finished yet but could be used tomorrow when it dries.

I am teaching a private class on Friday making some bags and bowls and will bring it with me as an example. I will also be teaching this class in June at the village hall in Aslackby, if you are interested in signing up just sent me an email. 🙂

Country Living Stand take 2 (6)

Amid making tons and tons of stock I am also constantly worrying about size of stand, how people can fit in stand, and where products can go… so this is take 2 on the blog but actually it is about take 7 since end of January. So I’ve since receieved my big book of information from Country Living which includes all types of things I can add on for the week/moving in day… fancy a fork lift anyone? Luckily my work doesn’t weigh anything so they only bulky things will be display shelves and furniture.

Phil my lovely handyman, friend, technician came up with the idea of using a potting table for me to demonstrate on. It will be the right height for me to stand at and it has shelves underneath. The best part is that my mum owns one so we will be giving it a coat of paint and bringing it down to London. The shelves on the wall will be for busts/necks with necklaces on and for my felted bowls. The shelf at the top will hold my cushions. My friend Frank is helping me print off some A3 size photographs to make a storyline that goes along the top of the wall with theme “from sheep to brooch” 🙂

Now that I have my book of information I have also learned that I only have one wall as part of my shell. The sides are open and just have two columns with a wooden banner going around the top with my name on it. This morning my mum and I worked out that the stand space is the same size as the width of the conservatory so we planned things out that way and I am feeling a bit more relaxed about the display now.

Country Living Stand

My fab friends Phil, Laura, and Frank and my mum have been helping me with ideas for my stand at the Country Living Fair. I did some sketches and showed them to Phil and Frank who both thought I needed a t0 have a  shell that was designed to scale to help me with my proportions. So Phil made this amazing shell for me and it had a really cool table and shelves with it (and the person that you can see in the photo). Yesterday when I was playing with it I decided that I needed different type of furniture. The main concerns are storage and accessability. I decided that a tall shelf on the right hand side of the shell facing me would be good for storage. I could use nice looking baskets and boxes to keep stock in so it would be visually appealing too. The shelves on the bottom could hold extra bags, coats, food, etc (and don’t have to look as amazing. Then I decided it would be better for me to have a bar to stand at rather than a desk to sit at for my demonstrations, therefore the people could watch with out hurting their necks. I could have a table cloth on the front with my needle felting demonstration times and a shelf under the bar for more storage.


The pencils sticking out of the egg carton in the corner will be my amazing willow tree that Laura and Frank had made for their past Christmas Tree. It will be perfect to hang my flowers and ornaments on.  Around the base will be places to put more baskets with stock and a shelf with kits on. The back wall I am hoping to have some trellis with hooks for my bags, jewellery, and a clothesline in the frame for my brooches. So that is how it is looking now, but I am sure it will change again before the show. Watch this space for a timeline of my preparing and being at the show.

Snow Day! Stock Day!

Well it snowed the night before last and my mum and I decided to have a snow day. Living in a small village means that the roads stay icy for way longer than the main roads and we decided it would be safer to stay in the warm. So I had a stock making day. I used half of my wet and needle felted beads to make some jewellery. I have a huge bead collection and love to take out all the trays in my super useful box to see which beads match my handmade ones. See photo below of trays and piles of beads.

So I made 9 necklaces and two bracelets yesterday.  I think they came out amazing. I have taken a photo of all the jewellery stock that I have ready for the Country Living Fair (and all the other ones that come up before it). What do you think?

Schoolwork Spring Flowers

After having 40 bags of wet beads hanging in the conservatory two weeks ago, I now have had 40 flowers drying. And they are beautiful! The children chose some amazing colours for their flowers. When I returned some of the flowers to the students, they were amazed at how well they came out. I put the flowers into glasses and cups to dry them so they get a flower shape to them. The children have then added centres or stamens to the flowers and one of the boys made his into a spider! Here is a photo of some of the flowers from a primary aged group after school program.

Country Living Magazine Spring Fair!

Well last week I learned that I had been accepted as a stall holder and demonstrator at the Country Living Spring Fair in London in March…eeek! That’s just 6 weeks to make enough stock to fill a large stall. I applied in the middle of January after seeing a link on someones blog about winning tickets to visit the fair. After I clicked on the link I saw a little button that said “Exhibitors click here to apply” and I love clicking on buttons, so I figured I would go through the process. I didn’t think I would make it, but I filled it out with lots of details about how I use local british wool and things. Two weeks later they sent an email saying they accepted my application here is how much it will cost, send a cheque asap! Amazingly it was the day before my birthday…what a great fat-free present!


Since then I have tried to make enough stock as I can, I have my friends in Aslackby helping me with ideas to fill the stand and display my products. A good friend of mine is going to bring me down to London in his van with all my things! So here are two photos of the many flowers that I made this weekend a couple to go up online for the shop on here and the rest to go down to London with me.